Rockspond campground & marina

 More than a campground - a way of life

How Does It Work?

  • Purchase your wifi card at the Store: You can buy time on the Rocks Pond Internet service in two ways:

  • Hourly: This works much like a phone card. Your time starts when you log into the service and stops when you log out. The card does not expire until you have used all the time purchased. When using an hourly card it is very important that you do not close the Timer box which will open when you log in. This timer box keeps you advised of the time left on your account. When you get ready to log off, use the “LOG OUT” button on the timer box. This stops the timer on your account and preserves your minutes. If you just close your browser and do not use the “LOG OUT” button your time keeps running.

  • Day Pass: This is a 24-hour card. Your time starts when you first log in and continues for 24 hours. The card expires 24 hours from your first log in.

  • Make sure your wireless card is turned on.

  • Use your wireless software to find and select RocksPond network. Our SSID is Rockspond and we run an Unsecured network.

  • Follow the Log-in instructions

    Important Note:

    While our site survey indicates service is available at the majority of our transient sites, please remember you are on a campground and due to natural constraints wireless service may not be available at your site, or possibly not in your camper. Things such as weather, trees or other campers next to you may intermittently impair the signal at your site.

    Service is always available at our “Internet Landing” located on the side of the store, across from the Marina.
    AOL and MSN Users - You may need the following instructions:

    Be sure to be connected to the internet before you attempt to connect to AOL or MSN.

    Start AOL or MSN, Click on the Select Location pulldown on the signon screen and select a connection labeled ISP/LAN (or something similar). If found, Select it, then Click SIGNON to access AOL or MSN. If not found, the following steps will create the ISP/LAN Location entry:
  • Click on Setup
  • Click on ADD LOCATION
  • Name the Location ISP/LAN
  • Click on Select a Connection Using . . . Select LAN or ISP from the drop down box
  • Click NEXT, Click OK.
    You should now be ready to logon to AOL or MSN.

    View the F.A.P(Fair Access Policy).